Refund Policy


1. The fee recovery and refund policy has been developed to provide clarity on the Singapore Business School's position on the recovery of fees, the measures taken to recover fees, and the limited circumstances in which refunds of fees will be considered.

2. When you enrol, you agree to the SBS's rules and regulations. In particular, you are agreeing to:

  • Give us the information we need to deal with you
  • Registration and fees
  • Pay your fees in full (as per arrangement of fee payment plan) and on time
  • Complete all parts of your coursework
  • Take responsibility for submitting assessments for your course at a reasonable date agreed by your tutor.

3. Our agreement is with you in person and not with any third party. You must tell us if you have been excluded from the SBS in the past. If your exclusion was for misconduct and you don't tell us or mislead us about the circumstances, the SBS reserves the right to cancel your enrolment.

4. The information in this handbook is correct at the time of printing. If there has been any change since the printing, we will let you know when you come to enrol.

5. Where applied, we will show the full course fee. However, we reserve the right, in exceptional circumstances, to change fees without prior notice and to amend errors.


The fee recovery and refund policy applies to Tuition Fee and Extra Course Fee. Application Fee is non-refundable.

Aims of the Policy

To enable staff and students to understand the limited circumstances where a refund of fees paid, or cancellation of fees due will be considered.

To ensure that policies in relation to fee recovery and refunds are applied consistently across the SBS.

To provide clarity on the calculation of any refunds due.

To provide clarity on SBS policy on the recovery of fees due.



Students who withdraw from a program within the first two weeks of the start date will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the Tuition fees. Where fees paid in advance are less than 50% of the course fee, the balance will remain payable.

Students who withdraw from a program after two weeks following the start date, will not be entitled to any refund, and any fees outstanding will remain payable.

All withdrawals should be notified in writing to Student Services. The effective date for calculation of any refund is the date of receipt by the SBS.

Please be aware that if you are on any instalment fee payment plan or have received a scholarship, no refund will be provided.

Leave of absence

In the case of illness or for other proven personal reasons, students may apply for a leave of absence for a period up to six months. The leave of absence can take place, at the earliest, at three months after the study start.

The application for a leave of absence of six months can be carried out with two weeks’ notice before the intended start of the leave of absence and must be in text form. The study contract cannot be terminated during a granted leave of absence. When applying for a leave of absence, the “Information for a leave of absence” and/or the "Information for a leave of absence due to maternity leave or parental leave" becomes an integral part of the distance learning contract.

Under no circumstances can a leave of absence be converted to a refund.

Recovery of Fees

The recovery of fees is fundamental in ensuring the future viability of the SBS, and course provision. As such the SBS will take all reasonable measures to recover all outstanding fees due.

In the event that fees are not paid within agreed timescales or instalment plans, the SBS will first send a written reminder. Students in financial difficulty should contact the SBS Finance Team or Student Contact Center at the earliest opportunity to make arrangements.

The SBS reserves the right make use of debt recovery specialists to support the recovery of outstanding fees, and to include the reasonable costs of recovery as part of the overall debt.

Where necessary the SBS will undertake recovery procedures through the civil courts.

The SBS keeps your personal information securely and abides by the Data Protection Act. We do not pass on individual student details unless required by law to do so or unless it is essential to run your course, such as dealing with fees or exam entries. The SBS does not sell or pass on student details to any commercial company or organisation.