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Information about the payment plan and extra fees

Fees & payment order

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Singapore Business School does not charge students for their educational instruction, course materials or annual enrollment. It does charge modest fees for application processing and the cheapest tuition fee for the whole educational program.

The Tuition Fee can be paid in installments up to 10 payments (from 299 USD/month), personal payment plan is formed by your Student Advisor.

For an 83% scholarship we allow a one-time payment only. Apply now to check your eligibility for scholarship.

The current fee schedule is as follows (click on the fee to learn more about it):

Application Fee

50 USD


This is a minimal processing fees to keep SBS running.

The Application Fee is non-refundable and must be submitted by the applicant along with the application for admission. The Application Fee does not include any additional fees that may be required for third-party evaluation.

Tuition fee

490 USD
2,990 USD

The Tuition Fee covers the full length of the 4-24 month program and is not affected by your chosen exit point.

The full Tuition Fee can be paid in installments up to 10 payments with monthly fee of 299 USD. To set up your individual payment plan, please, contact your Student Advisor.

For an 83% scholarship we allow a one-time payment only. Apply now to check your eligibility for scholarship.

We are greatly concerned about our students who are experiencing troubles at these hard times and would like to support as many people as possible. So as a part of the program #stayHomeStaySafe we temporary cancelled an application fee. What is more, we offer scholarships on a regular basis in order to give educational opportunities to everyone who suffered from Covid-19 in any way.

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Extra Services

Extra services can be purchased optionally. You can decide for yourself whether you need them or not.

Prices for the extra services are applicable only in case you are applying for a scholarship.

If you are applying for the full Tuition Fee of 2,990 USD, all of these services (except Extra Courses) are included by default.

Extra Course Fee

220 USD / course

You can apply for extra courses at any moment of your studies at SBS. The courses are available for purchase from your LMS account.

If you purchase extra courses during your studies, they are available only for a one-time payment.

If you would like to pay by part, the extra courses must be purchased together with the mandatory program. Then it can be added to your total tuition fee before settling the installment plan.

Premium support

79 USD / month

If you struggling during your education and you need a 1-day support instead of 3-5 days, you might want to take this extra service in order to receive replies to your questions ASAP.

Single Course Certificate

39 USD / each

If you would like to receive an e-certificate of completion for each single course you finish during studying for an MBA degree they come for additional cost of 39 USD / each.

If you pay the Hard Copy Fee after the graduation, we will attach the hard copy of e-certificates you paid for during the studies to your parcel.

Hard Copy Fee

99 USD

Students are required to pay a Hard Copy Fee only if they wish to receive the hard copy of their degree certificate after successful completion of the program. SBS highly care about the environment that is why we are going totally paper-free and are not providing printed documents by default.

Also, if you pay for Single Course Certificates during your studies you will receive a hard copy of paid certificates attached to your parcel.

Recommendation Letter

49 USD
99 USD

If you want to receive a recommendation letter with an e-certificate for MBA degree, the cost will be 99 USD.

If you are paying Hard Copy Fee to receive a hard copy of the MBA degree, the cost of the recommendation letter will be reduced to 49 USD.