All of our courses were recognized by international accreditation centers which confirmed that our programs meet high educational standards and approved our degree to be recognized worldwide

IABS - International Association of Business Schools

SBS received an accreditation from IABS which means that our education process meets the international requirements for the quality of business education. This one is hard to obtain for schools that are not doing a part-time or full-time education in their campus, however we managed to receive this accreditation because of high quality of our MBA program which is 100% online.

AABE - American Association of Business Education

SBS is also recognised in USA based on our accreditation from AABE. In the United States, accreditation is the primary means of assuring educational quality. Accreditation status confirms that an institution has voluntarily undergone a comprehensive self-study and peer examination that demonstrates the institution meets standards of accreditation. To receive accreditation, the institution must clearly demonstrate its established educational goals; offers formal, organized learning experiences and services that enable students to meet these stated goals; and that students and graduates have benefited from the learning experiences provided.

ABECB - Asian Business Education Certification Body

SBS received ABECB accreditation in order to our program to be recognized in Asian countries. Among other things, accreditation certifies that the curricula meet academic standards, that the programmes are structured in such a way as to meet all formal requirements and that the necessary resources are available in the form of qualified staff and sufficient education program.