Logistics and Supply Chains

Logistics and Supply Chains

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4 months
20 credits
Online Course
390 USD

Course description:

This course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully manage the end-to-end, forward and backward flow of materials and information across your supply chain. Together, we’ll examine the concepts, tactics, and applications of various logistics tools and technologies in order to promote a big-picture understanding that extends well beyond internal operations.  

By the end of this course, you’ll have a valuable and practical skill set that will allow you to create, implement, and oversee the activities of a global supply chain involving suppliers, distributors, and customers world-wide. You’ll know how to consistently adhere to best practices, and you’ll understand the common terminology that’s used in corporate communications. By showing you how to modernise your approach to supply chain management, this course will make it possible to improve your position in the marketplace through the efficient flow of goods and materials from the supplier, to your business, to the customer – and back again.

Table of Contents

1. Supply Chain Management and Logistics Basics

2. Logistics Strategy

3. Supply Chain Integration

4. Demand Management

5. Planning and Controlling the Flow of Materials

6. Managing Capacity

7. Customer Relationship Management

8. Purchasing and Procurement

9. Inventory Management

10. Location Decisions

11. Warehouse Management

12. Global Logistics Operations

13. Transportation

14. Workforce Management

15. Health and Safety Considerations

16. Performance Measurement

17. Risk Management

18. Reverse Logistics

19. Sustainability

20. Link between Finance and Operations

21. Lean Accounting and Productivity Measurement

22. Technology in SCM

23. Project Management

24. Outsourcing

25. Business Process Management

26. Continuous Improvement

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