Build a Virtual Web Design & SEO Team

Build a Virtual Web Design & SEO Team

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2 months
10 credits
Online Course
390 USD

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Have you ever wanted to grow your home web design business by building a virtual team?

Wouldn't it be great to have several workers completing your projects for you allowing you to make more money and have more free time?

The good new is, you can take your one person operation and turn it into a full team of workers who will manage projects, work with customers and make your business more profitable.

This course was created for you to actually start setting up your virtual team, not just learn how to do it. As you take this course you'll be asked to complete action steps that will walk you through setting up your team so by the end of this course you will be building your team to dramatically increase your profits.

Table of Contents

Taking Your Web Design and SEO Business to The Next Level

Planning For Growth

Growing Your Business - The Virtual Expansion

How to Effectively Manage Multiple Projects With a Virtual Team

How to Professionally Handle Client Complaints & Fire Bad Clients

Selling Your Web Design and SEO Business

Taking Your Web Design Business to The Next Level

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