LMS Instruction & Demo

Have a quick look at our LMS system and the education process

1. LMS Login

LMS is located on the address -

Enter this URL and click on "Login" button

Demo Login:

Demo Password:

Enter your email address and a password provided by SBS to log in to your account (demo login/password can be found on the login page and on this page).

Later you can change the password, if needed.

2. Your courses page

After successful login you will be redirected to your profile courses page. There are courses that you decided to take as a part of your program.

Select the course you would like to study first and click on it to get to the content of the course.

If you would like to learn more about education process, grading system and download the report template and the assignment for the final business plan, you can do it on the "Instructions" section of your profile.

3. Course Content

After clicking on the course name you will be redirected to the course content page.

Select the lecture by clicking on it.

4. Lecture Content

After you enter the lecture page, there you can find the video lectures, as well as PDF, HTML, XLS, RAR, PPT materials.

Start watching and reading them one-by-one in order they appear on the page.

5. Question Form

If you have any questions regarding material you study, go back to the profile page and click on the "Contact Tutor" in the menu. You will get to the page, where you can see your current support type and the form where you can ask your questions.

If you would like to receive support in the shortest terms, you can upgrade to the premium support by clicking "Upgrade Now" button.

6. Submitting the report

After completing the course, you need to submit the report for grading. You can do it on the "Submit report" section in your profile.

7. My profile

You can find the information about your terms of studies, your student advisor and the grades you receive on the "Profile" page. Also here you can buy an e-Certificate for the single courses you complete. They are not mandatory to receive, because the courses you take will be mentioned in academic transcript along with the grades.

Wanna give it a try?

You can login to LMS by clicking this link:

Demo Login:

Demo Password: